Dr. Chloé van der Burg

Chloé fishing for spottier from the wharf with Mount Maunganui in the background
Chloé van der Burg fishing for spotty wrasse fish by the wharf in Tauranga

Broadly, my research area of interest is in exploring the genetic and evolutionary drivers of fundamental and unusual physiological mechanisms, in both vertebrate and invertebrate species.

I completed my PhD at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, during which I investigated the evolution of innate immune and novel genes in multiple sea anemones, as well as the genetic mechanisms underpinning the fascinating and speedy regeneration of a sea anemone species called Exaiptasia diaphana. After my PhD, I spent some time as a Post doc in Prof. Anthony Clarke’s lab, investigating the gene expression underlying the reproduction-longevity trade-off phenology of a pest tephritid fruit fly species, Bactrocera tryoni.

Currently, I am working as a Post doc in the Gemmell lab on the sex-changing fish Notolabrus celiodotus or the NZ spotty wrasse, for which we are unravelling the fascinating genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in the brain and gonads that underlie this phenomenon.